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Restore an Even, Attractive Tone at V Line Cosmetic

Hyperpigmentation is any discrete or blotchy brown discoloration that can interrupt the naturally even tone and look of your skin. It can be caused by any number of factors, including injury to the skin. When the skin is damaged, whether by the sun or from an acne breakout, it often reacts by creating extra brown melanin pigment—for example, sunspots after repeated sun exposures. Whatever the cause may be, the team here at V Line Cosmetic is here to let you know that hyperpigmentation doesn’t have to be a permanent fact of life. We offer a variety of technologically advanced laser-based treatments that can help you by non-surgically evening out the tone, texture, look, and feel of your skin. If you’d like to learn more about how laser therapy can help you resolve the presence of hyperpigmentation, a member of our team is here to help. Reach out to us at our Arcadia or Pasadena locations and speak with a helpful team member to set up your initial consultation and get started on your exciting cosmetic journey today.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can take a number of forms and be caused by a variety of factors. Hyperpigmentation often takes the form of brown spots or splotches of discoloration. While they might not be painful or medically dangerous, they can certainly be cosmetically frustrating and have a negative impact on your confidence and overall quality of life.

Some of the most common types of hyperpigmentation include: 

  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Brown spots
  • Freckles
  • Acne spots

How We Remove Brown Spots at V Line in Pasadena and Arcadia

Here at V Line Cosmetic, we’re proud to offer many different laser treatments in Pasadena and Arcadia that can help to address the presence of brown spots and hyperpigmentation. With these highly advanced, non-surgical laser treatments, you’ll be able to remove discoloration and restore a more even tone to your skin without the need for any needles, cutting, or procedural discomfort.

Advanced Technology

At V Line, we use the most advanced laser technology on the market today: the Picosure Laser. This system is the first and leading choice for comfortably and conveniently treating hyperpigmentation, removing tattoos, and revitalizing skin while also addressing wrinkles, acne scars, freckles, sunspots, and discoloration.

The PicoSure Laser

PicoSure is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don't rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin. Instead, PicoSure engineers used cutting-edge physics and medical science to help the V Line staff treat patients in a new and exciting way.

Energy Delivery

Instead of building up heat, the PicoSure laser system delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second) that the tiny particles which make up the pigment and tattoo ink literally vibrate and shatter without causing any harm to the healthy, surrounding tissues. With less heat, you’ll experience less tissue damage and discomfort.

Natural Healing Powers

Even more impressively, PicoSure's revolutionary technology harnesses your natural healing processes to restore your skin. Proprietary Focus Lens technology converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate your body's natural rejuvenation processes, creating exceptional results and consistently ideal outcomes.

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What to Expect

During your laser session, you’ll feel a sensation of warmth or heat that may persist for up to an hour after treatment. Redness in the treated area may last for a few hours up to one to two days post-treatment, with the amount of redness dependent on the condition treated.

It is best to cleanse the treatment areas gently for the first week after your treatment session, and it will be important to avoid any kind of facial treatment for at least two weeks. Direct sun exposure should also be avoided for two weeks.

We’ll be sure to provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, so you can preserve and maintain your exciting results for as long as possible. We’ll also work with you to schedule follow-up appointments at your convenience.

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The Expertise You Deserve. Luxury You Can Afford.

Here at V Line Cosmetic, we offer patients a truly international brand of cosmetic luxury. When you visit our Pasadena and Arcadia locations, you’ll be greeted by a passionate staff that is extensively trained and highly experienced, in an environment that you’ll find welcoming and lush in equal measure. We’ve been earning a reputation for excellence since opening our doors in 2015, and have expanded to locations around the world, as we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

To learn more reach out and speak with a helpful team member to set up your initial consultation for our laser treatments in Pasadena and Arcadia today.

Enjoying Your Final Results

The number of treatments required to create your ideal results will depend on a number of factors, including the skin condition we’re treating, your physical characteristics, and more. Certain types of unwanted pigment can be lightened with just a single treatment, while other types may require three to five sessions. To learn more about how we can help you say goodbye to frustrating hyperpigmentation, reach out to V Line Cosmetic in Arcadia or Pasadena and set up your initial consultation today.

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